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NFHS Case Play 3.3.7 Situation A

B1 is directed to leave the game because of excessive blood on his/her uniform jersey. Team B does not have any extra jerseys.
(a) The coach asks one of the substitutes to give his/her jersey to B1; or
(b) Team A is able to find a jersey which B1 can wear although it is not exactly the same color or style of the Team B jersey. The jersey will, however, clearly identify B1 as a member of Team B and will not be confusing to either team or the officials.

Acceptable procedure in both
(a) and
(b). In both situations the scorer will make necessary changes in the scorebook without penalty. COMMENT: The spirit and intent of the rule is to do everything possible to allow the player to use a different jersey and return without penalty. However, identical numbers shall not be allowed on the same team.


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