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NFHS Case Play 3.3.6 Situation A

A1 is injured and play is stopped to permit the athletic trainer or physician to administer aid.
(a) A1 is removed from the court and replaced within less than one minute; or
(b) the injury is such that the physician will not allow A1 to be removed from the court until being certain it is prudent to do so. After approximately five minutes, A1 is moved from the court.

No time-out is charged in either
(a) or
(b), regardless of the amount of time involved. The intent of the rule is to require an injured player to be removed without charging a team with a 60-second time-out, regardless of how much time is consumed prior to removal. A team may request a time-out if it wishes to keep the player (if able) in the game provided the replacement interval for the substitution has not begun.

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