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NFHS Case Play 3.3.1 Situation E

B6 has properly reported to the scorer to enter the game. A1 is then fouled in the act of a three-point try. Prior to the first attempt, A1 is discovered to be bleeding:
(a) B6 and A6, who is replacing bleeding A1, enter prior to the first free-throw attempt;
(b) substitutes A7 and A8 report to the scorer’s table after B6 and A6 enter the game; or
(c) all substitutes in
(a) and
(b) enter the game when time-out is requested by B3.

(a), A6 must replace bleeding-player A1 before the free throw is administered, B6 may also enter because he/she had legally reported to the table and another player had been directed to leave the game by the official. In
(b), A7 and A8 must wait until prior to the last remaining free throw to enter the game. In
(c), the time-out by B3 cannot be honored until the substitute for A1 has properly reported and entered. Once the time-out is granted, all substitutes may enter. A1 may remain in the game if Team A requests and is granted a time-out.


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