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NFHS Case Play 2.10.6 Situation B

A1 is fouled by B1. It is a non-shooting personal foul. It is Team B’s 7th foul of the half, but the official scorer fails to notify the officials and they award Team A the ball out of bounds. After the inbound pass, Team A misses a shot and Team B secures the rebound. While Team B has the ball in its possession, B1 is charged with an illegal screen against A2. Before Team A is handed the ball for the throw-in, the officials are informed that Team A should have been awarded the automatic bonus on its previous possession.

The error can still be corrected. A1 shoots a bonus free throw situation with no players on the lane. Team A is then awarded a throw-in for B1’s team-control foul and play will continue from that point. Since the error involved the failure to award a merited free-throw(s) and there has been a change in team possession, play shall be resumed from the point at which it was interrupted after the error has been rectified.


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