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NFHS Case Play 2.10.4 Situation A

A1 is fouled by B1 during a field-goal try which is successful. A2 is erroneously awarded the free throw. While A2’s successful attempt is in the air:
(a) B1 fouls A3; or
(b) B1 intentionally fouls A3. Prior to the ball becoming live, the coach of Team B properly asks the referee to correct the error of awarding the free throw to the wrong player.

The free throw by A2 is canceled and A1 will properly attempt the free throw which should have been awarded originally. The common foul by B1 in
(a) is canceled. The intentional foul in
(b) cannot be canceled. In
(b), the game continues with the administration of the two free throws to A3 resulting from the intentional foul by B1. Team A will then be awarded the ball for a throw-in. If the corrected error is a free throw by the wrong player, at the wrong basket or the awarding of an unmerited free throw, the free throw and the activity during it other than unsporting, flagrant, intentional or technical fouls are canceled.


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