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NFHS Case Play 2.10.1 Situation J

A1 attempts a goal from behind the three-point line:
(a) but the covering official fails to give the successful signal after the ball goes through the basket, and the scorer records only two points; or
(b) and the covering official gives the successful signal, but the scorer records only two points. Team B inbounds the ball and proceeds to score. The coach of Team A goes to the table and requests a 60-second time-out to discuss the error.

(a), the error of not awarding three points is correctable as it was detected prior to the second live ball after the error. The extra point is scored, the 60-second time-out is not charged and the game continues from the point of interruption. In
(b), it is a mistake by the scorer which can be corrected any time until the final score has been approved.


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