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NFHS Case Play 2.10.1 Situation E

A1 is fouled. The scorer informs the official that Team B has committed ten team fouls and that the two-free-throw penalty is in effect. The official administers the free throw and states and indicates “two” throws. The first free throw is unsuccessful and the second is successful. B1 has the ball out of bounds for the throw-in. The scorer informs the official that there were only nine team fouls on Team B and that the penalty should have been one and one.

The error is discovered within the correctable error timeframe, and shall be corrected. The second free throw is canceled and play is resumed at the point of interruption. Since “no goal” has been scored, play is resumed with an alternating-possession throw-in at a spot nearest to where the ball was located when the stoppage occurred.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(2-10-1b; 2-10-6; 4-36-2c)


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