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NFHS Case Play 10.7.1 Situation B

The bonus is in effect and while the ball is in flight during a try for a field goal by A1, A2 charges into B1. Following this there is a basket-interference violation by:
(a) B2 or
(b) A3.

(a), both the foul by A2 and the violation by B2 are penalized, but in the reverse order of occurrence. Two points are first awarded to Team A because of the violation by B2. B1 is then awarded a one-and-one. Had the bonus not been in effect in
(a), B would have been awarded the ball out of bounds at its end line where the basket was awarded. In
(b), there are no rule complications. The violation by A3 caused the ball to become dead. Ordinarily, the ball would go to B out-of-bounds at the spot nearest the violation. However, this penalty is ignored because of the penalty enforcement for the foul by A2.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(7-5-7; 9-11 PENALTY)


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