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NFHS Case Play 10.6.3

A5 has just received his/her fifth foul of the game. A5
(a) is erroneously permitted to remain in the game for another two minutes before the scorer realizes the mistake; or
(b) leaves the game after the coach is notified of the disqualification. At the intermission between the third and fourth quarter, A5 reports as a substitute and subsequently enters the game.

(a), as soon as the error is discovered, the player is removed from the game, no penalties are assessed. In
(b), A5 will not actually “participate” until the ball becomes live. If detected prior to the ball becoming live, A5 would be directed to the bench and no penalty assessed unless the official deemed it was a deliberate attempt to circumvent the rules. If detected after the ball becomes live, it is a technical foul charged directly to the head coach resulting in the loss of coaching-box privileges. The player is immediately removed from the game and Team B is awarded two free throws and a division-line throw-in.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(2-11-5 NOTE 2)


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