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NFHS Case Play 10.6.2 Situation A

A1 has been injured and has received extensive medical attention on the court. The coach:
(a) helps assist the injured player to the bench; or
(b) remains at the bench area while A1 is treated and helped to the bench. How much time does the coach have to replace A1?

In both
(a) and
(b), the coach will have 15 seconds to replace the injured player. In
(a), the 15 seconds should start after the coach can turn his/her attention from the injured athlete to the duty of making a replacement. In
(b), the 15 seconds would begin as soon as A1 has been returned to the bench. In both cases, the timer should be instructed by the official to sound a warning horn and start timing the 15 seconds and sound the horn to notify the official after 15 seconds have elapsed.


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