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NFHS Case Play 10.5.5 Situation D

While the ball is live, players A1 and B1 commit fouls against each other at approximately the same time. A1 then punches B1. B6 and B7 leave the confines of the bench but do not participate in the fight.

The common fouls by A1 and B1 constitute a double personal foul so no free throws are awarded. A1’s punch constitutes fighting and results in a flagrant technical foul and disqualification, and two free throws are awarded. B6 and B7 are assessed technical fouls and disqualified for entering the court illegally during a fight. Although B6 and B7 are both assessed technical fouls, only one is penalized with two free throws. The coach is penalized one indirect technical foul for B6 and B7 leaving the bench. Administration of Penalties: The double personal fouls offset and no free throws are awarded. With the marked lane spaces clear, any member of Team B (other than B6 and B7) attempts two free throws for the flagrant technical foul (fighting) by A1. These attempts are followed by any member of Team A (other than A1) attempting two free throws (with the marked lane spaces clear) for the technical foul charged to B6 and B7 for leaving the bench during a fight, but not participating. Following the free throw attempts by Team A, play is resumed with a throw-in by Team A at the division line opposite the scorer’s table.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(4-19-8, 10-4-7, 10-7 PENALTIES (Rule 10 Summary) 8a, 10-7 PENALTIES 8b)


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