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NFHS Case Play 10.5.1 Situation A

A technical foul is charged to:
(a) a Team A substitute;
(b) Team B’s manager;
(c) Team A’s athletic trainer; or
(d) Team B’s assistant coach. In all cases, the foul is charged because of uncomplimentary remarks addressed to an official.

The individuals in
(c) and
(d) are all considered to be bench personnel and have violated the rules governing conduct while on the “bench.” A second technical charged to any of these individuals results in disqualification. In addition to charging a technical to the individuals in all cases, the technical foul is also charged indirectly to the head coach resulting in the loss of coaching-box privileges. A second technical foul charged directly, or the third technical foul (direct or indirect) charged to the head coach results in similar disqualification and ejection.

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