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NFHS Case Play 10.4.1

A1 is directed to leave the game because of blood on his/her uniform jersey. The jersey cannot be cleaned immediately. Team A requests and is granted a time-out. A1 leaves the visual confines of the playing court and changes to a different jersey. The number change is reported to an official and the scorer and is recorded in the score book.
(a) A1 completes the jersey change and the new number is recorded within the limits of the time-out;
(b) A1’s original jersey is cleaned during halftime. A1 changes back into his/her original jersey and reports the change to an official and the scorer.

(a) Legal. There is no penalty. A1 may remain in the game.
(b) Legal. There is no penalty. A1 may enter the game wearing the original jersey. COMMENT: All potential confusion has been eliminated through the official reporting and recording of the jersey number changes and the referee informing the opposing team.

NFHS Rules Reference:

(2-3, 10-4-1)


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