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NFHS Case Play 10.2.2

With Team A leading 51 to 50, a held ball is ruled. A6 properly reports and enters the game. A time-out request is granted to Team B. The clock shows two seconds remaining in the game. After play is resumed by a throw-in, the officials:
(a) recognize that A has six players competing, but cannot get the clock stopped; or
(b) do not notice Team A has six players on the court. Following the throw-in, time expires. Team B now reports to the officials that Team A had six players on the court.

(a), since one of the officials had knowledge that Team A had six players participating simultaneously and this was detected prior to time expiring, a technical foul is assessed against Team A. In
(b), since it was not recognized by either official, but was called to their attention after time had expired, it is too late to assess any penalty.


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