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NFHS Case Play 5.10.1 Situation C

As the official rules a three-second lane violation, he/she properly sounds the whistle and gives the signal to stop the clock. While doing this, the official is able to see the exact time remaining in the fourth quarter. The clock shows five seconds remaining. The timer stops the clock:
(a) at five seconds;
(b) at four seconds;
(c) at three seconds; or
(d) the time runs out completely.

The ball is in flight during a try or a tap for goal by A1 when time for the third quarter expires. After time expires, the ball is on the ring or in the basket or is touching the cylinder above the basket when it is touched by:
(a) A2; or
(b) B1. The ball then goes through the basket or does not go through.

A1, while dribbling, touches:
(a) B1 who is standing on a sideline; or
(b) a nearby chair or scorer’s table while A1’s feet are inbounds.

While the ball is in flight on a try for goal by A1:
(a) B1 touches the ball and then time expires; or
(b) time expires and then B1 touches the ball. The ball continues in flight and enters Team A’s basket.

Thrower A1 inbounds the ball to A2. A2 immediately throws the ball back to A1. When A1 touches the pass, he/she has:
(a) both feet touching inbounds;
(b) one foot touching inbounds and one out of bounds; or
(c) one foot touching inbounds and the other not touching the floor.

Substitute A6 is beckoned and enters the court to replace A1. A6 is wearing:
(a) a bracelet,
(b) an earring covered with tape or
(c) earhole spacer.

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