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NFHS Case Play 2.10.1 Situation B

The score is tied with three seconds remaining in the final period. A1 is fouled and is given a one-and-one. A1 misses the first free throw; B1 grabs the rebound and attempts a long try for goal. The try is unsuccessful and the teams prepare for overtime. Before the overtime begins, the officials are notified that A1 should have received two free throws instead of a one-and-one.

Following the free throws for a technical foul, A1 makes a throw-in from out of bounds at the division line opposite the table. The throw-in pass is deflected at A’s free-throw line by:
(a) A2; or
(b) B1 and it then goes directly through A’s basket.

A1, who is designated as a starter 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the game, becomes ill or is injured before the game starts.

B1 touches A1’s try for field goal:
(a) just after its release and while the ball is still in upward flight; or
(b) while the ball is in downward flight outside the cylinder and above ring level.

A1 is attempting to make a throw-in and Team B is applying a great deal of pressure. B1 reaches through the boundary-line plane and waves his/her hand in an effort to prevent the pass. The action takes place on a court which has more than 3 feet of unobstructed space outside the boundary line.

A1 is in A’s backcourt and has dribbled for nine seconds and then passes the ball forward towards A2 in the frontcourt. While the ball is in the air traveling from backcourt to frontcourt, the 10-second count is reached.

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