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NFHS Case Play 2.10.2

B1 fouls A1. Team A is in the bonus, but the official erroneously awards the ball to Team A for a throw-in. A1’s throw-in is intercepted by B1 who scores a goal. A1’s throw-in is controlled by A2 who dribbles into Team A’s midcourt and then asks for a time-out. During the time-out, the scorer advises the referee that Team A was in the bonus when B1 fouled A1.

B1 illegally steps into the lane before A1’s final free throw is released,
(a) B1 then commits basket interference; or
(b), A2 then steps into the lane prematurely and commits basket interference.

Team A has a
(a) designated spot throw-in, or
(b) alternating-possession throw-in along the end line. Thrower A1 extends the ball with his/her arms over the end line such that part of the forearms, hands, and the ball are entirely on the inbounds side of the boundary line. B2 slaps A1 on the wrist and dislodges the ball.

At halftime, as the teams, coaches, and officials are making their way through a hallway to the dressing room, a Team A member verbally abuses one of the officials.

While A1’s try or tap is in flight, A2 and B2 legally obtain potential rebounding positions. B2’s position has his/her back to A2 and is directly between A2 and the basket. As the unsuccessful try or tap rebounds from the ring:
(a) B2 moves backward and pushes/displaces A2 from his/her legal position; or
(b) A2 “beats” B2, getting his/her head and shoulders past the front of B2’s torso. B2 then moves laterally and pushes/displaces A2.

A1 and A2 set a double screen near the end line. A3 intentionally goes out of bounds outside the end line to have his/her defender detained by the double screen.