An official notices members of Team A are wearing headbands that have extensions.

Team A substitute No. 24:
(a) reports to the scorer, but enters the court without being beckoned; or
(b) goes directly from the bench and onto the court without being beckoned.

The coach of Team B rises and accompanies B6 to the table to make sure the substitute reports properly.

May a team member wear:
(a) shoes which have a light mechanism or have lights which are activated by heel contact with the floor; or
(b) gloves?

While the ball is being dribbled near the division line, A1 and B1 are engaged in extremely rough play in the low post area and the covering official rules a double personal foul. After the whistle, A1 and B1 use profanity directed at each other and the covering official rules a double technical foul.

A violation and personal contact occur at about the same time. Both are observed by the same official, or the violation is observed by one official and the contact by the other. What is the proper procedure?

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