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Would You Get This Right? – Case Play of the Month August 2023

This end-of-game scenario will test even the most seasoned basketball officials. Would you get this right in your game?

Home team is down by a point with .3 seconds on the clock. Inbounding on the endline after a timeout, the ball is thrown to A1 in the lane who catches the ball and is fouled by B1 before they can release the try, which is unsuccessful. The Center official whistles the foul. The clock properly started and the foul was before the horn?
What would you do in this scenario?
Shooting Foul?
This is an end of game scenario, so our ruling here will have a dramatic impact on the result of the game. Would you get this call correct?


Here is the case play:

NFHS Case Play 5.2.5 Sit C

If you get this call correct in this scenario, go immediately and directly to the head of the class!

Of course, this case play will need to be modified with the new bonus free-throw rule to a 2-shot bonus!

This is a tough one for sure, and seeing the video of it happening really helps clarify exactly what it entails.


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