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Mailbag Episode: Basketball Rules Questions Asked and Answered!

A quick format basketball rules quiz for basketball referees. How many of the play scenarios would you get right using National Federation of High School Basketball Rules?

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Show Notes

Back we are for another episode of the Basketball Rules Expert. the show where we take National Federation of High School Basketball Rules. We lift them off the printed page. Breathe life into them. Simplify, clarify, and amplify so that you can take them with you onto the basketball court where it’s most important. Greetings again everybody it’s Greg Austin with I’ve been a high school basketball official for quite some time and i consider myself to be a Basketball Rules Expert. This show has the sole purpose of helping you become a Basketball Rules Expert as well. 

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Shout Out to our Awesome Show Supporters!

Before we get started with today’s show, a shout out to show supporters: 

  • Brad Groninger 
  • Mark Wattier 
  • Stephen May 
  • Scot Jacobson 

Much appreciated and much love. If you want to support the show you can find a link in the show notes below.

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Show Transcript

Basketball Rules Expert – Episode 19

Today we have another mailbag episode. if you have a question you’d like to submit for a future mailbag episode you can leave it in the youtube comments below or you can submit it on the website. there’s a link in the show notes. 

Let’s open the mailbag and get started with today’s episode.  

Warning for Delay on Ball Extended Through Plane?

Jack Davis via youtube 

“when the thrower extends the ball through the plane and the defender touches it. you forgot that a team warning for delay would also be issued. or

Question: thrower extend ball through the plane. Warning for delay issued?

 does this not apply for when the thrower extends the ball through the boundary plane?” 

that’s exactly right jack. it does not apply because the warning for delay is not for contacting the ball if it’s been extended through the boundary plane. contacting the ball in that instance would be legal. A warning for delay would be given for violating the boundary plane. in the situation you describe there was no violation of the boundary plane. therefore, no team warning for delay would be given. Thanks for the question Jack! 

Does the Throw-In Count Continue?

Luke on youtube asks 

if a thrower extends the ball through the boundary line and a defender touches the ball. Does that give the ball inbound status? should we chop the clock or would we keep our five second count and just keep on as usual?

This is a situation where we have a thrower who extends the ball through the boundary plane and a defensive player contacts the ball. 

NFHS is fudging around the rules here a little bit. logically, a player whose status is inbounds touches the ball. the ball should gain inbound status right? but in this special circumstance where we have a thrower and the ball has not been released on a throw-in that concept goes out the window. we should, as you describe, continue our five second count, as the thrower has to release the throw in. We do not chop the clock because the throw in pass has not been released. Just recognize it’s a funky situation. a player inbounds touching the ball and a player out of bounds touching the ball. we just have to say, “OK, this is a unique situation.” NFHS says, “this is how we’re going to handle it.” It’s contrary to some fundamental understanding of the rest of the rules. But it makes sense that there would be a workaround when you think about it.

Held Ball with Thrower Out of Bounds??

chas b on youtube 

A1 extends the ball across the plane and a tie up ensues! if A1 is out-of-bounds during the tie-up, wouldn’t he be out?? you said it would be a jump ball.

exactly. we’re coming back to the same situation. a funky part of the rules. the logical part of our brain says, “wait a minute!” 

nfhs says that during a throw-in until the throw-in is released, we shall disregard the out-of-bounds and inbound status of the players involved and just treat it in the way they describe.

What may be worn above the elbow?

chocymachado on youtube 

you said wristbands must be below the elbow. what can be worn above the elbow? for example a black armband around the bicep to signify the loss of a team member. what can that material be?

By rule, if there’s something that’s memorializing a player or somebody related to the team or the school etc there are parts of the jersey for that. the neutral part of the jersey. the side panels of the jersey. That is where those things can be applied. they’re subject to a size restriction — that is defined by rule. two and a quarter by two and a quarter square.  In the neutral part of the jersey or on the side inset panels memorial commemorative patches or decoration can be worn. 

There’s no color restriction on physio tape, so in theory if each player had black physio tape around their bicep then by rule that would not be a violation. 

What can be worn above the elbow? Braces. Braces may be worn above the elbow. Tape can be worn above the elbow, just to answer that question directly. a soft brace  to reduce shoulder movement that comes down on the arm. that would be legal. 

If you think about it, an arm sleeve extends above the elbow. there you have it. Wristbands are not allowed to be worn above the elbow. Commemorative memorial patches or indicators must be worn in the allowable part of the jersey.

A Player Leave the Visual Confines. Bench Technical?

Shane Jones asks, 

“a player leaves the visual confines after receiving two player Technical Fouls. Does the bench receive a Technical for the player leaving the floor?

We have a bit of a gray area here. but let’s understand the fundamental principle of the bench area. and why players, after disqualification, are required to be in the bench area. imagine a scenario where we have two players, A1 and B1, and they start fighting on the court. boom boom boom. they’re on the court shoving, pushing, grabbing each other. they’re separated and they’re both assessed flagrant technical Fouls for fighting. the officials say, “all right, both you two, you’re going to the locker rooms!” The game restarts and suddenly there’s a commotion in the hallway! What’s going on out there? Lo and behold, it’s A1 and B1 and they’re fighting in the hallway! This is obviously a scenario we don’t want to get. 

We don’t want a player to be confronted by a family member of a player on the opposing team etc. It’s all about player safety. That’s the fundamental concept: player safety. We don’t want unattended students potentially in harm’s way either of their own making or somebody else’s. That’s the fundamental concept to keep in mind here. 

If a player gets two Technical Fouls and they’re upset. their parents come down and they say “we’re taking him home. this is not good. we’re upset too, we’re going to take him home.” That’s their prerogative. 

If the coach wants to take an assistant coach and take the player to some place that they can calm down that’s okay too. think about it. during the game a player has to use the bathroom. they’re going to get up and leave the bench and they’re going to go use the bathroom. we’re not there to police that activity. A player needs to get his ankle taped. He’s going to go to the trainer’s room down the hall to get his ankle taped or to get a cut attended to etc. There are reasons why players leave the bench area. Let’s keep that in mind. We don’t have the specifics on this play but in principle the bench area is not a prison. We want players under the control of the head coach for their safety. but if a player gets injured and has to go to the hospital, we are going to assess a Technical Foul?? that doesn’t make any sense. players can leave the bench area. common sense has to apply here. In this instance there would not be a bench technical on the team member who left the bench area. 

Player Safety the Reason to Keep on Bench?

shane jones 

A player gets two Technical Fouls and is disqualified. if they leave the playing area if there’s another adult to supervise is there a further Technical Fouls? I’ve heard that the reason that a player is disqualified to the bench is because of lack of adult supervision.

and shane that is 100 percent correct.  just as we talked about in the previous play there is no additional penalty. In this instance player safety is paramount. if the player goes to leaves the visual confines as it were, under adult supervision, it’s out of our hands. there’s no further penalty by rule.

Play Scenario 6 Merited FT’s and Ref has a hot date?

Tony asks 

If a player has merited free-throws but time has expired why not shoot the free-throws? I mean, what would it harm? It adds to the player’s stats, and is good practice. i’m sorry if it makes the officials late for some date but isn’t player development important too?

oh man listen now my dates are really important!

come on tony. no. by rule we don’t want to have activity that will not affect the outcome of the game. after the game if the player wants to step to the line and shoot their free-throws when the referees have left the visual confines they can. That is their prerogative. By rule we will not shoot those free-throws as part of the game. by rule. straight forward thanks tony 

Intentional Foul on 3-pointer and ball goes in! Shoot 2?

Yeung Yip (via YouTube)

what if the three-point goal is good during an intentional foul would the shooter or sub be awarded two free-throws on the ball?

the answer is yes. Yes they would. The penalty for an intentional foul is always two free-throws and the ball at the spot nearest the foul.  the two free-throws shall be attempted by the player or their eligible substitute if they were not able to continue. Except in one instance: the missed three-pointer! In that case we’d shoot three. Yeung, thanks a lot. 

Thanks for Joining Us Today!

Thanks for joining us today on the Basketball Rules Expert youtube show. much appreciated. if you have a question you’d like to submit there’s a link in the show notes below or just simply leave your question or play scenario in the comments. I answer as many youtube comments as I possibly can. 

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