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5 Play Fridays – S1 E3 – 5 Plays to help basketball referees be a better official.

5 Play Fridays – S1 E3 – 5 Plays to help basketball referees be a better official.

5 Play Fridays – S1 E3 –



welcome to another edition of 5 play Fridays where we look at plays and see what we can take from them so that we can get better as basketball officials. 5 play Fridays is weekly series with new videos releasing every Friday during the basketball season. make sure to hit subscribe and also the notification bell so you don’t miss out on any of our new videos.

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Today as we do basketball referee play review, we’re going to focus on 


Play 1 – Foul. Shooting Foul or not? – Basketball referee play review

now let’s look at plays the point of this play is to recognize whether or not we have a shooting foul if you are inclined to say this is not a shooting foul I encourage you to check the action on the play and get a clearer understanding of when the habitual throwing motion begins. basically the shooting motion by the player. this is a ball handler dribbler she is dribbling the ball she picks up the ball.  the foul has not yet occurred. the foul occurs with the hip check right here. that drives the player off their line. this is absolutely a shooting foul and the player should be awarded two free-throws. right here she’s a dribbler. she has begun her habitual throwing motion here. the foul occurs here when the player extends her hips. trail official. primary defender. open look. foul that’s a shooting foul two free-throws awarded.


Play 2 – Hard Foul – Basketball referee play review

you alright new lead is beaten on this play has to find an angle to observe that’s a great angle on the play the camera angle which is what we need so white 25 is tracking down this player we have a airborne shooter in a vulnerable position we got white with body contact and the extended arm on the vulnerable player yes he has a hand up in the air but this is there is no attempt on the ball here none first order of business so we have a captain of the team signaling to the coach coach come on out we’re going to do that anyway but first order of business is make sure that all the players are good right this is a hard foul we the possibility exists for retaliatory action see the coach coming on we’re going to have communication between the crew about what’s going to happen we’re going to upgrade this play it’s going to be an intentional foul. We will shoot two free-throws and we’ll have the resulting throw in nearest the spot of the foul great job by the awful says well hey we’re going to who’s going to shoot our free-throws we had a coach come on to attend to his injured player by rule that player needs to be replaced unless the coach wants to buy him in with a timeout so in our substitute we’ll make that offer that the coach can buy him in the coach declines to buy him in so the substitute will shoot will shoot two free-throws and we’ll have the ball at the spot of the fact another angle on the play the extension of the arm by y 25 really seals the deal on this play just a review airborne player defenseless position no play on the ball excessive contact. easy call. remember points of emphasis for 2018 NFHS wants to reduce concussions by eliminating rough play always eliminating rough play this is clearly a rough play situation penalize accordingly. first of all


Review of Traveling Plays 2018

Our point of emphasis from NFHS is more accurate travel rulings and they do achieve that accuracy let’s focus on finding the pivot foot and knowing the rules and restrictions. basketball referee play review helps us in this process.


Play 3 – Anatomy of a Call Incorrect. – Basketball referee play review

when we analyze our game video the evidence of our call accuracy comes to bear  this is a call incorrect. judging the legality of the defender Player begins to drive prior to going airborne (left-foot determines that) left foot’s on the floor defender is in legal guarding position. this is incorrectly ruled a block but that’s not really the important part of the play this is Call icorrect you could say and that’s super close it’s a 50/50 play but the bottom line is the calling official is ball watching. when you analyze your game video these are the things that come to bear right right here the lead official you just watching this action this is not the primary defender belonging to the lead the lead is responsible for players in their primary and secondary defenders on a drive down the lane calls made confidently. sold. again it’s a 50/50 play some would say easy block charge. Defender is leaning back or whatever a bunch of extraneous stuff the bottom line is the player is legal. the player is at the spot on the floor prior to the player going airborne the problem is the lead official is not officiating that player and is surprised by it so when you analyze your game video there’ll be plays they occur and you thought you knew what happened on the play because your brain does a good job of piecing things together and filling in the blanks but recognize when what occurs in your game is not what you thought occurred in your game and take it for what it’s worth if you are ball watching plays outside your primary you will not have the call accuracy that you want as a basketball official


Play 4 – Screening action on Elevator play. Legal? – Basketball referee play review

when you know that a team has elevator play right very common play structure with a guard moving up the lane two players at the elbow providing screening action allowing the player to get an open shot  on this throw in the center its officiating this and we have screening action on a moving opponent we need to know the rules regarding screening action when we screen a moving opponent we must give time and distance this screener clearly does not give time for the defender to avoid the contact that is an illegal screen by rule so very common for teams to run this with players moving up the lane it’s also common for players from to run it sideways early in your game if we can detect the team uses elevator plays that helps us in anticipation of calls


Play 5 – Correctable Error Scenario – Basketball referee play review


National Federation of high school point of emphasis for 2018 one of them is guarding and verticality plays we’re judging the verticality the legality of the defender on this play what we’re trying to determine is whether they go from point A to point B or whether they go straight up we’ve got an airborne shooter defensive player jumps from here contacts the airborne player certainly has his hands up in the air and we need to judge the validity this play obviously belongs to the lead that’s their primary coverage area for watching the play here we’re seeing where everybody’s looking in good position as a crew centers in great spot trails in a great spot we had a lot of action between the lead and the trail then we have a sudden drive down the lane contact tough for the trail to help on this play Center has a great look at a secondary coverage play but we’ve got no call on the clearly comes into an offensive player that’s a defensive foul so again that’s a foul one of the points of emphasis last year was illegal contact with the lower body defenders learning to play with their hands up but using other tactics right this is a play where the defender yeah he’s got his arms straight up but the body contact is the foul.


before we go just a quick fun play made my day the other day just a fun play to end this episode and a reminder of the fact that we get to see fun exciting things on a nightly basis as basketball officials hey everybody thanks for sticking around I’m getting to the end of the video much appreciated we do have additional videos available check those out but if you do me a favor right now and just like this video if you felt it provided value to you if you want to share it to your association your group that’s much appreciated so we can all get better together here at take care

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