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10 Ridiculously Hard Basketball Rules Questions that only an Expert Referee can answer!

A quick format basketball rules quiz for basketball referees. How many of the play scenarios would you get right using National Federation of High School Basketball Rules?

Referee with FORCE! 12 tips to get your next Backcourt Violation call correct!

Confused about backcourt violation in High School Basketball? In this video we break it down in easy to understand terms. We cover the differences between High School rules and NCAA and NBA. If you want to make sure to never miss another backcourt violation call again, stick around!

Lightning Round of Basketball Rules Questions – Episode 14

today we’re going to get started with our lightning round show. quick questions quick answers not a deep dive into the rules just an emphasis on the things that we need to know

Team Control in High School Basketball – Episode 13

It is absolutely critical that we understand team control in the game of basketball. When does team control start and when does team control end? How does team control start? And how does team control end? This is a critical, fundamental, basic understanding that we have to have as basketball officials.

Overtime Puzzler. NOW WHAT?? Episode 12

Being informed that overtime shouldn’t have been played is not what a basketball referee wants to hear in the middle of overtime! But, mistakes are made in the game of basketball AT ALL LEVELS! Fortunately the rules provide guidance for how we resolve the issue and proceed correctly. Today we look at 3 plays to better understand the rules.

At the End of the Game WE GOTTA GET IT RIGHT! Episode 11

The end of the game is when we need to be our best. Teams have no opportunity to overcame any erroneous rulings at the end of the game. Today we look at 2 play scenarios that help us have a stronger understanding of NFHS basketball rules so we can get plays right when it matters most!
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-- Jonathan Dotson, Hayward CA

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